Flagship song of MILENA's first album, "Fille d'Europe" (which means in french "Girl from Europe" is going to freshen up. 6 minutes of video, 15 days of shooting... for this realization, we're going to need you !

The project

Beautiful continent with so much greatness, Europe is maybe the most beautiful civilisation of the history. Landscapes, monuments, folklores... each trip through our continent plunges us into beauty and dream.

History lover, salt-worker respecting traditions, MILENA wrote a song in her last album talking about her love for her civilisation, her ancestors, her legacy : "Fille d'Europe", which means "Girl from Europe".

After the huge success of the song after the release, MIMO PROD wants to illustrate the lyrics and the music written by MILENA to show you, in 2020, a video clip tribute to our continent & civilisation.

Fonds collected will be used to get more equipment for the shooting. We also will by the rights for the images we can't shoot ourselves (Greece, Baltic States...)

Listenning to the song Fille d'Europe

(Recording : Arthur Latuh, BBR Studio - Mastering Master Lab Systems — MIMO PROD, all rights reserved, 2019)

How to help us
Financial support

As always, money is the heart of everything ! 
Our online shop is our main (and only...) source of
income : each CD, T-shirts, stickers that you buy will enable us to progress in the video clip production !

Shopping online !

(Secure Paypal payment)

We also organize an online pot for those for want to give us money directly.

Link to donate

Digital support

True anthem to our civilisation, Fille d'Europe's videoclip is going to be shot on several places all over the continent this year. We already scheduled to shoot in France, Austria, Swiss, Czech Rep., Slovaquia... but we don't have much money to shoot images from all the countries we would want. That's why you can help us by sending us videos that you have, and that will -perhaps- be used in the final edit !

Few qualifications to fill :

  • Videos shot "landscape" format (camera or phone horizontal)

  • HQ quality (minimum 720p, best 4k)

  • Personal video of which you own all the rights

We are looking for videos from landscapes, towns, monuments, traditional parties, folfklores...

We're actively looking for captions from : Ancient Greece, Ancient Roma & Italia, Baltic States, Ireland and Island but any country is welcome !

If you are a professional and/or organization owning that kind of images, please contact us to discuss the price of you footages.

Mailing adress :

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